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Reasons for the Daylight Savings Time Petition

Daylight savings time is a practice that has been here for a very long time and is still being practiced by various regions in the world. It is the practice of advancing clocks brief different seasons by moving the clock one hour forward or backward. Primarily, this was a practice during the World War I. It was introduced, then as people fought because it was meant to help save on energy use as it was a rare commodity. This is a practice that continues even today, with many people claiming the different benefits of these properties.

Regions that practiced daily savings time today enjoy some benefits such as less artificial light. There are many industries that enjoy the evening daylight such as the tourism industry but also people that enjoy evening activities can benefit a lot from this practice. Still people enjoy daylight savings time when it comes to energy-saving but of late, there has been a lot of research was just to prove if it is right or wrong. The petitions being held today on daylight savings time because of the many disadvantages of this practice and many petitioners wanted to be abolished.

One of the studies done shows that daylight savings time increases the use of energy unlike the previous intention of having this practice. There is no doubt that before DST was very effective in helping save a lot of energy as people fought, but now the technology has changed many things that it is no longer effective. Everyday and every night people will use energy sources to operate different technological devices and whether there is daylight or not, there is no change and that is why daylight savings time is not making sense in this generation. People are also against daylight savings time today because it is known to cause long-term illnesses which can be avoided by avoiding this practice. The human body is a very interesting component that any change that is subjected to can cause immense risks and that is why one hour of sleep can make a lot of difference because it can cause issues with body metabolic, increased level of stress, mood changes, and many others. The same effect of lack of sleep is being felt by many businesses when it comes to the quality of work, employees cannot achieve. When an employee doesn’t sleep for a whole one hour and then they had handled a very distressing task the previous day, they will not have the energy to do something extra for the specific date has reduced productivity. The daylight savings time was effective during the world war one and it is no longer effective as it is even dangerous today and that is why there is the petition to abolish it.

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